2 Year, 2 Month Pook – A Letter to Charlie

Toddler eating apple

Dear Charlie, This is a bit earlier of an update than the quarterly set-up we've had going, but considering the pending arrival of baby, I'm getting this show on the road. Let's consider this your last PB (pre-baby) post. Yikes. Your growing skills in manipulation, while frustrating, are mostly just impressive. The saying, "give an … Continue reading 2 Year, 2 Month Pook – A Letter to Charlie


Prepping for you, #2

Dear ___________, (Not sharing your name until you arrive, because people be judgy.) Just a few short weeks until you make your debut. Big Brother Pook has had the limelight for a 2 full years, and you're about to rock his world. We're anticipating that he will mature very quickly into a responsible older brother, … Continue reading Prepping for you, #2