4 months – A Letter to Charlie


Dear Charlie,

You’re 4 months old now – well, 4 1/2 months. I successfully keep you alive, clean (sort of), fed, prepare dinner, and stay only slightly behind on laundry. Cut me some slack with the timeliness here.

You’re a huge goofball at this age, and judging by your father, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Let’s get real right off the bat here though. If I’m fat by the time you can read this, it’s your 4-month-old self’s fault. According to the hordes of information I’ve read on the internet, which I’m sure is all 100% accurate because it’s the internet, this is called the “4 month sleep regression” where your brain is going through a developmental growth spurt. You don’t sleep as well at night, you hate napping during the day despite your exhaustion, and you randomly get upset for no apparent reason. I’ve resorted to rewarding myself with Reese’s (trees, because it’s the holidays and we’re nothing if not festive) when I succeed at getting you to nap. I also drown my sorrows in them when I fail at getting you to nap. So either way, high volume Reese’s intake around these parts. Despite your elevated pookiness level (why spellcheck keeps trying to correct “pookiness”, I have no idea), you’re pretty fun a lot of the time. Here’s what’s going on with you these days:

  • You constantly eat your hands. Are you teething? Are you still hungry? Are they just particularly tasty hands? The world will never know.
  • You’re 16.8 lbs and about 25.5″ long. Or at least you were about 3 weeks ago. You’re kind of a beast baby. Similar to your mother in regards to Reese’s, adequate intake is not a concern.
  • Speaking of beast baby, o-m-g the rolls. You have so. Many. Rolls. Thank goodness we have plenty of experience cleaning and maintaining pug folds.
  • You roll immediately from your tummy to back, then become very frustrated when you can’t get back over to your tummy again. Sort of like a turtle. Or a cockroach.
  • You found your feet yesterday. It was apparently a real shock, and the objects of your attention for a good 15 minutes.
  • You have big facial expressions. I’ve never seen a baby employ so much eyebrow action. Your potential charm in the future makes me nervous.
  • You smile A LOT. I mean, when you’re not giving us “the lip”, or crying because you’d prefer we stand instead of sit. Or sit instead of stand. Or do back-flips? Sometimes we’re not sure.
  • The baby in the mirror is super entertaining to you. Usually you think he’s hilarious. Sometimes you shoot him a big smile, then shove your face into my chest like you’re shy. And other times (like when he’s crying) you really hate him. Still not sure how he got stuck in the mirror.
  • You’ve finally noticed that there are other living creatures here. The cats and Juj are cause for much amusement. Except when Moose lays his 900 lb body on your lap and prevents you from kicking freely. Not cool, Moose.
  • You love watching us eat. And I’ve never seen such precision and grace from a baby arm as when you successfully got a mini marshmallow to your mouth last week. Whoops.
  • The TV is mesmerizing. More than 5 minutes in front of it brings on some serious mom-guilt. This will be a common theme in your letters for the next 18 years, I suspect.


Love and kisses (and coffee),



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