Christmas “House” Tour

Even considering the madness of selling our house in New Orleans and making a cross country move with a baby to a city where we know no one, we intended on buying a house right away. In fact, we were *this* close to closing on a house we really liked, but right at the last minute we called it quits for enough reasons that could fill an entire other post. Luckily, we found a great place to rent temporarily in the neighborhood we most enjoy. Apart from floors that squeak louder than Moose screams when his dish is only half-full  and a winding staircase that practically entombs me when I try to squeeze through it with a carseat, we’re really digging it. Plus, it’s cheap and allows me to “treat myself” more frequently… which makes me happy.

In my typical fashion, I was ready to don the place with Christmas gear practically as soon as we moved in. In October. With a little willpower – and a baby that apparently needs a lot of time and attention… pssh, what’s up with that? – I waited until after Thanksgiving. Seeing as it’s going to be effing cold and snowy here in a month or so, I’m trying to hygge the shit out of this place. I’ve burned through 9 candles in the past couple weeks, and I plan to invest in more economy size boxes of them. (By the way, IKEA has candlesticks with wider bottoms that actually fit in candleholders. In case you’re interested.)

Since I seem to do it every year, here’s a little tour of the apartment. Some of these were taken on gloomy, rainy days. Because I only have so much nap time to take pictures of the place. And I’d also rather spend most nap times drinking coffee and enjoying a moment of peace.



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