Looking Like Mom

Today was the day. I feared it when I found out I was pregnant last year, but assumed I had at least a good couple of years left. Then today, I woke up, looked in the mirror, and realized I look like a mom. Oh. The horror.

I should’ve seen it coming. From my strong new opinion that, “Leggings are pants, damnit!” and my overall bold clothing choices (“That crisp tailored top is cute, but this giant shapeless sweater looks sooo comfy!”), I’ve been doomed since the beginning. And then I casually decided to cut my hair. I mean, half of it was falling out anyway (so long sweet sweet pregnancy hair) and I constantly had slobbery hands getting tangled in it. Never mind the hair in the neck roll fiascos. Thus, the mom-cut was born.

It’s all over, folks.





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