5 Months: An Update from Charlie

As of the 13th, I’ve been on the earth for 5 months. We’re celebrating by my parents going out for drinks without me. Here are a few facts about life for me these days:

  1. I am not underweight. In fact, I weigh 18.8 lbs.
  2. I have been called “a big boy” and “butterball” by passersby on the street and at the store. My mom says I’m sturdy.
  3. Everyone around here still calls me Pookie. *eyeroll*
  4. My feet now are even cooler than a month ago. The nubs on the ends of them move independently. Mind. Blown.
  5. I found my tongue. It’s badass. I show it off frequently.
  6. I reach for and pet animals now. Sometimes they don’t run away.
  7. I had breakfast with Santa last weekend. I also met Frosty and the Grinch. Frosty wasn’t nearly as frightening in person as he appeared on the website. img_2826


  8. A horse tried to eat me. Wtf?!
  9. I decided I’d prefer to sleep only in 1 hr increments now, rather than all night. I think I’ll stick with it, because mom seems to like this sleep pattern, too.
  10. I loooove naps. Unless I hate them.
  11. I don’t mind baths as much these days. Until mom tries to clean my neck rolls. Then I freak out.
  12. Sneezes are hilaaaaarious! As is the skinnamarink song from the Elephant Show. If you haven’t witnessed either, you’re really missing out.
  13. In contradiction to everything my mom has taught as a dietitian, she finally broke down and offered me solids yesterday before the recommended 6-month mark. It only took a few weeks of screaming and lip-smacking at her while she ate to talk her into it. I anxiously grabbed the spoon and scarfed down a couple bites of food like a pro. Then I realized it was oatmeal.  Guh – ross. Bring on the sweet potatoes, mama.
  14. My mom told me we’d take a “few” pictures this afternoon to document my 5 month birthday. She took 81. #obsessed #stalkerimg_9337img_9395img_9388

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