Meal Plan Monday – Week 3

I'm proud to say this week's meal recap is a little better than last week's. Of course, because I actually made food more often, I didn't get around to taking many pictures. Can't have it all, I suppose. Monday: Spaghetti with lentil sauce (no recipe). Monday is pottery class night, so I started boiling some lentils … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday – Week 3


SAHMing and A New Job Sitch

I never assumed staying at home with a baby would be easy. But lordy. Staying at home with a baby is hard AF. For real. I've been incredibly fortunate to not only have the ability to have a baby, but also have the opportunity to stay home with this Pook as long as I wanted/needed. I'm really grateful … Continue reading SAHMing and A New Job Sitch