Meal Plan Monday

This is a bit different from the usual Pook-focused posts. I get a lot of questions from people about what we eat around these parts. Maybe because we don’t prepare anything with meat at home. And probably because I’m a dietitian. One who eats ice cream, loves to bake, and has a very passionate love affair with Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. My heart is going pitter-patter.

I’ve tried sharing my Pinterest boards, emailing recipes, etc, but I like to add in my two cents and end up spending 30 minutes typing up my deep feelings about each recipe. So I’m going to start sharing it all here weekly (always from the previous week, so I can report whether the recipe sucked or not). Or who knows, maybe Pook will go on a nap hiatus next week and I won’t have time to post. But that’s the plan. It also gives me an excuse to talk about food. Because now that I’m not in New Orleans, I find myself in food-related conversations 99% less frequently. While you may think all our time in New Orleans was spent costuming and attending festivals, that was really only 15% of it. The other 85% was talking about food. I wish I were kidding.

This year we’re trying to gradually phase ourselves into a vegan diet. I normally have a hefty list of resolutions every January, but this year things are a smidgen busier (#thechild) and I’ve limited myself to a couple. Working toward a 100% vegan diet is one of them. I’ve wanted to do it for a while, but was hesitant to go into unfamiliar territory when I was pregnant. Also it’s effing hard to cut out all animal-containing foods cold turkey (is that a pun?) if you’re not used to it. Even for a dietitian. For our fam, the biggest struggle is identifying which products are vegan-friendly and which need substitutes. Milk and egg products are in so. Many. Products. So appropriate snacks can be time consuming to sift through. I suspect it will become much easier once we get going. If anyone’s interested, I can provide info about those types of things as we go.

To begin with, I’m incorporating way more vegan recipes into the repertoire, but still occasionally using things like yogurt, cheese, butter, etc. We’re also sticking with our tradition of ordering pizza on Sundays. This is a gradual transition, people. Eventually we’ll morph into full-on vegan people (roar!).

Without further ado, last week’s menu:

  • Monday: Crockpot Enchilada Quinoa. My first pottery class was this night… not a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but an actual pottery class. So I needed a super quick and easy slow cooker dish. This is one that I typically even have all the ingredients to without a trip to the grocery. It tastes 1000% better topped with avocado chunks.
  • Tuesday: Ratatouille (Food 52 Vegan Cookbook) with Trader Joe’s Tuscan bread for dipping – one of the few grains I eat that isn’t whole… because it’s sooo effing good.
  • Wednesday: leftovers of Sunday’s Quinoa, White Bean, & Kale Soup (subbing veg broth in for the chicken broth, and without the parmesan), because I made this Shrimp Jambalaya for the meal registry of a family in town with a new baby. I left out the sausage and used only shrimp for this, but when I make it for ourselves, I eliminate the shrimp and use veggie sausage.
  • Thursday: leftovers of Tuesday’s Ratatouille, this time over brown rice. We like leftovers.
  • Friday: date night sans Pook at Noble & Co (partaaaaay!)
  • Saturday: Pasta con Ceci – Recipe discovery of the month, fo real. It takes about 10 minutes of prep, is easily made with only pantry ingredients, and tastes amazing with some crusty bread for dipping/scooping. Will said, “Oh my gosh, how is it so freaking good?!” about 10 times. Put it on your recipe short-list.
  • Sunday: pizza takeout from Frank Pepe‘s


Have a great/tasty/healthy-ish week!


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