Meal Plan Monday – Week 2

Hey-ooo! The fact that I’m back in action for a second Meal Plan Monday, as promised, means the Pook continues to nap reasonably well. Of course, I forgot to post it until 11PM. Whoops. And unfortunately this is the saddest looking meal plan week ever. I only made dinner twice… Life, man. To be fair, it was a really “off” week, because Will had a couple of evening work events. And I’m a huge proponent for dinner snacking whenever possible. I did manage to get pictures of the recipes I made. So here they are, plus a ton of Trader Joe’s shout outs.

: Smokey Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili (Food 52 Vegan Cookbook). The smokiness from chilis in adobo sauce and smoked paprika is key here. I added in kale, because I felt like it, and because greens and fiber are going to save us all. Best topped with a perfectly ripened avocado. Then again, what isn’t?


Tuesday: Vegetable lentil soup (without a recipe) in a giant double sized batch. Half for a family in town with a new baby, the other half for us. Naturally, I choose to shovel mine down using Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Tuscan Bread (I didn’t know they had whole wheat until this week!) as a spoon. Lentil soup is a cakewalk to make without a recipe, BTW. I used the standard celery, carrots, garlic, and onions in mine, then added red pepper and kale. I make mine thicker – 1.5 cups of green lentils, 2 cups water, 3 cups vegetable broth. It rocks my socks off.

Wednesday: Leftovers. Both of the above recipes are ballers at being leftovers.

Thursday: Crackers with an entire avocado, because Will had an event to attend this night and I was fending only for myself. Which always means crackers topped with something. Or cereal. Admittedly, my favorite kind of dinner.

Friday: We originally planned to walk over to the Half Door around the corner from us to celebrate my first day of work and Pook’s first day of daycare. But when Will got home, the little human was asleep… and you never wake a sleeping Pook. So our dinner consisted of Trader Joe’s Bollywood popcorn, more crackers with avocado, pita with Trader Joe’s hummus, and way too many pieces of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. I’m going to have trouble cutting that out when we go full-on vegan. Anyone have ideas for vegan chocolate?!?!

img_3277Saturday: We brunched at the Pond House Cafe (one of our favorite Hartford restaurants that happens to have several vegetarian options!) with new friends, then had a non-vegan dinner at the Polish National Home. We’re members now, and no we’re not Polish. The main requirement is “appreciation for Polish culture”. Done.

Sunday: Frank Pepe’s pizza. ‘Cause on Sundays we pizza.

Have a great/tasty/healthy-ish week!


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