SAHMing and A New Job Sitch

I never assumed staying at home with a baby would be easy. But lordy. Staying at home with a baby is hard AF. For real. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to not only have the ability to have a baby, but also have the opportunity to stay home with this Pook as long as I wanted/needed. I’m really grateful for that. I would have struggled sending him to daycare at 12 weeks (or 6 weeks?!) like so many mamas have to. However… in the past 6 months there have been countless moments when I felt I was losing. My freaking. Mind. I absolutely attribute about 30% of the sanity loss to moving across the country (and selling our house, attempting to buy a new house that fell through, changing jobs, losing both of our dogs, etc., etc.) and living a minimum of 15 hours away from family and our whole support system. But I’m just going to put it out there. Babying is tedious! Obvi I love the beast and (weirdly) pine to squish his thighs and kiss his poofy cheeks after a mere 2 hours away from him, but the day-in and day-out of meeting his constant needs can be really effing challenging. And frustrating. And as selfish as it sounds, sometimes I just want to do what I want to do. Damnit.

To deal with the monotony I was feeling, I joined a whole bunch of groups. Moms groups, play groups, baby swim lessons, baby music classes, and I even enrolled in a pottery class. Which is kinda awesome. It all helped – fo sho (again, I’m totally fortunate to have access to these resources… many mamas don’t). But after another couple of months, it was clear that I needed to get back into my career.

Turns out the organization with the exact job I was looking for happened to be looking for someone like me, too. I’ll be working in public health, an area I’ve been passionate about since college, and the flexibility of the position allows me to work a couple days a week. Stars aligned. Pook’s daycare is pretty sweet, too. He already has a girlfriend (Um, is anyone surprised? Check out that irresistible sweater he wore on his first day.). Luckily, I haven’t had to worry about any funny business yet. So far they mostly just stare at each other. And the teachers don’t judge him by his ravenous appetite or frequent blowout diapers. Win-win-win.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
First day!
Pook’s first report card

My first day of orientation was Friday. I may have freaked some people out with my enthusiasm. Having just driven from daycare to work with NPR blasting instead of a kids’ CD and drinking a cup of hot coffee, I all but skipped into the room at 7:45AM. I’m typically the one eye-rolling about ice breakers and group activities, but I networked the ef out of that room. Adults! Professionals! Rejoice! After another day of orientation on Monday, I headed over to meet with the crew at my office. I basked in the atmosphere of other nutrition people, set up my desk, daydreamed about all the Nate Berkus office supplies I’d be cleaning out Target for the following weekend (how much gold is too much gold?), then began mentally choosing which 27 pictures of Pook I’ll be hanging obnoxiously all over every flat surface. I should mention, there are multiple Keurigs in the office and I can go to the bathroom at my leisure without someone screaming at me. It’s a-mazing.

Overall, I genuinely believe it’s good for Pook to get a little socialization, and not be the center of attention for once in his 6-month life. As for me, I’m sure the grass is always greener… truly… But right now, I’m feeling darn good to be a working woman again! Woop woop!
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