Another Move (Eye-roll)

Friends, cross out our info in your address book (Am I the only one under the age of 60 who still keeps an actual address book these days?). We’re moving. Again.

We started out totally into our current apartment. It was cute. Newly renovated, but in an old house. 1300 square feet, which seemed doable. Turns out, no. Absolutely, no. Babies come with too much crap. I need, like, 3 storage units for all his crap. Also, it’s on the second floor, which requires me to haul his 300 lb carseat (that’s only a slight exaggeration) and briefcase, pump bag, C’s lunchbox, diaper bag, and my coffee up and down the stairs twice a day. Did I mention it’s essentially a spiral staircase? Insanity. It’s also not the most nap-friendly space. Forget the loudest creaking floors you will ever encounter. There are also dogs barking, doors slamming, a neighbor sawing and hammering on their house, a car alarm going off (every morning the same car alarm, I shit you not), etc. 100% of the time. Which is cool, except insulation is not something the owner considered when remodeling. Then on top of all that, we’ve now had major radiator leaks 5 times, a broken washing machine, a broken dryer, a shower leak that quite literally melted the wall, a broken oil tank gauge that led to us running out of oil (and thus, heat) when it was 17 degrees… Should I go on? Have you heard enough bitching yet?

Since we have yet to find the right house to cash in on, we knew we needed a different apartment to ease our anxiety. Wine and Reese’s hearts/eggs/pumpkins/trees can only go so far. Naturally with a 7-month-old baby, an industrial style loft apartment downtown was our obvious first choice. Yea okay I know if seems weird to be going in that direction at this time in our lives, but it should be a pretty good setup for us based on our lifestyle. And maybe next year we’ll have found the perfect house for us?

We’re making the move over the next couple of weeks (Yay! Well, “ugh” for the moving part, but “yay!” for getting the new place.). For now I have some pictures of the (empty) living area of the new apartment to share.

Apparently there’s some game on tonight… I don’t know, I’ll just be snacking on everything dippable in all of the dips known to man. Have a looksie and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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