Meal Plan Monday – Week 5

Last week’s food sitch started out solid. Then after Tuesday it pretty much went downhill. We got the new apartment Friday, so most of our time was spent packing between work days. Then there was a lot of snow on Thursday. And then again on Sunday. And why would I want to go grocery shopping in that? Or out of the house at all, for that matter. We became master snackers and restaurant goers as the week progressed. Whoops. I have every intention of making dinner this week… Every intention.

Anyway I did cook up a couple of great meals that were definitely worth adding to my shortlist. Take a look:

Monday Lunch: Microwave Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. I had to photograph this for work, so I whipped it up for my lunch. Pook took a stab at the sweet potato, but a lot of disgusted face and gagging led me to realize he still prefers his most of his food whipped to oblivion. This has to be the easiest, cheapest lunch idea ever. You can make the whole recipe in a microwave (which I did), and assuming you keep sweet potatoes in your pantry like moi, all of the ingredients can be kept on hand for those days when you don’t want to drag your kid to the grocery with you. Or are just in a hurry. And indeed, it’s not vegan because of the fat free Greek yogurt on top (in lieu of sour cream). I’m on the hunt for a vegan alternative I can concoct.

You can make these with regular potatoes, too… obvi.

Monday Dinner: Tofu Scramble and Tempeh bacon Breakfast Wraps. We had quite a few leftovers from breakfast Sunday, so I threw them into a wrap for a quick dinner. This recipe for the tofu scramble and this recipe for tempeh bacon are what I used on Sunday. I put them into a corn tortilla, wrapped along with a little pico de gallo, black beans, avocado (duh), and a bit of fresh cilantro.vsco-photo-1-4

Tuesday: Chickpea & Olive Orecchiette. Everyone give a round of applause to Whole Foods for actually carrying whole wheat orecchiette. Hardly anyone carries cool pasta shapes in whole wheat versions. Yes, I rank my pastas in order of coolness, and orecchiette is right under ditalini. Do you remember that fabulous Pasta con Ceci recipe I shared a couple weeks ago? The one that was tasty and supes simple? This one is supes simpler. Well, it may be the same level of simple. It’s a toss up. This one requires one. Pot. And you literally toss everything in together in one step (and I try not to use the word “literally” unless it’s actually literal). No adding things as you go, mixing things before you add them, etc., etc. There’s only one thing you have to chop – garlic – and you don’t even have to drain the pasta. The starchy water becomes the sauce. Rejoice! It’s also easily a pantry meal. The only thing I added that I can’t keep on stock in the pantry was greens. Which aren’t required, but anytime I can add greens to something, I do, because as I’ve noted before, fiber and greens are going to save the world. Next time, I’ll probably use kale instead of red lettuce (the recipe actually calls for arugula, which would’ve been better, but this is what I had on hand), and add it directly into the pot a couple minutes before it’s done cooking.


Wednesday: Leftovers.

Thursday: Uhh, I have no idea. Popcorn and crackers dipped in artichoke dip, perhaps? Perhaps.

Friday: The Blind Pig Pizza Co – the Shroom for Will and Marg for me, because it was our first night in the apartment (with only the essentials plus an air mattress and pack and play), and the Blind Pig is 4 blocks away and rocks my socks off.

Saturday: We had a sweet meal (and open bar – boom) at a Valentine’s Day Ball for Lea’s Foundation for Leukemia research. Very fun night. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Pook had a sitter…

Sunday: Spaghetti with Lentil Sauce.We finally made dinner again, because this is the meal  we make for nights when we’re tired and lazy. We made this two weeks ago, so here’s the how-to copied and pasted: I boil up a cup of lentils until they’re almost cooked but still a little firm, add a jar of Trader Joe’s spaghetti sauce (Whole Foods 365 brand is good, too), and simmer a few more minutes until the lentils are cooked. Then I top spaghetti with it.

Have a great/tasty/healthy-ish week!


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