7 Month Pook: An Update from Charlie



Hey friends,

Pook here. Just checking in to dish about life right now, because it’s great.

  1. I started music classes this month, where I continue my attempts to convince everyone that I’m a turd. Momma makes sure I nap and eat immediately before, to no prevail. Nice try, Mom.
  2. Swim classes are bad. Ass. Did you know if you slam your arms up and down in water, it flies up in your face?! Awesome.
  3. I have 4 teeth! Between this and apparently being between growth spurts for once in basically my whole life, I’m giggly and happy the majority of my days. I also don’t drool all over everything 24/7 anymore, and therefore don’t have to wear a bib 100% of the time. Thank goodness. That was getting embarrassing.
  4. I now reach out for Momma and Daddy to pick me up. They seem really excited about it. Whatevs.
  5. finally rolled to my tummy from back. Yesterday. So technically I was 7 months and 1 week old, because mom can’t get her ish together for these posts. Still not crawling though. Mom & Dad suspect I’ll be the loser at daycare stuck in the “non-movers” group until I’m 2, but I know better. I have tons of friends there that are totes obsessed with me. They’re mostly older. Okay, they’re all my teachers.
  6. Speaking of daycare, I made a Valentine there for my momma and dad with my footprints on it. Mom blubbered all over it before we even left to go home. Ugh. So awkward.img_3530
  7. I’m a king at eating solids now. My teacher had to request that I bring more food, because I’ve started screaming at everyone when I run out. I’ve got needs, man. Plus I gotta keep these cheeks on fleek.img_3184
  8. It finally happened. A couple weeks ago Mom looked the other way while I was sitting, and I leaned backwards and hit my head. I’m probably permanently damaged. I will continue to make her feel guilty for this for the entirety of my life.
  9. We moved to a new apartment recently. I think my mom may have left her sanity at the old one.
  10. I’m pretty sure I’m Polish. Well, I’m always at the Polish National Home with Mom & Dad, so one would assume. Sigh… the staff basically worships me there. #popular
  11. Mom & Dad have been really excited about this week-long trip they just planned for May. I’m going too, right guys? Guys?img_9616img_9621img_9628img_9647img_9667img_9705img_9713img_9727

One thought on “7 Month Pook: An Update from Charlie

  1. I am totally enchanted by Charlie….he is the cutest thing EVER!!! And I LOVE the blog, Lindsay! It’s great. I hope you do it til he’s 18 (totally embarrassing)….

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