8 Month Pook – A Letter to Charlie


Dear Charlie,

I know I say this every month, but… How the heck are you 8 months old?! Your 1 year birthday is breathing down our necks already, and I can’t decide if I should be shouting my joy from the rooftops, or crying on the floor in the back of my closet. I’ll probably incorporate a little of both over the next couple months. Here’s a snippet of what’s been going on in your life this month:

  1. You still aren’t crawling, but you’ve learned you can just roll back and forth until you get where you need to go. Which is fine, except leaving you on the bed while I get dressed is no longer a responsible option. As evidenced by the head-first plunge you took when I was putting my shoes on. Don’t worry, I caught your plump bod in mid air as you plummeted toward the concrete floor. Nice try. Mom: 1. Floor: 0. (Update: There may have been an unsuccessful save recently, but I’m pretty sure you landed rear-first. And on the rug. I’m trying to justify that I’m not the worst parent in the world, but in reality, mom-guilt level = 150%. And now I’ll blame myself for every point you miss on the SAT.)
  2. The jogging stroller has become quite the adventure. We finally felt like you were sturdy enough to be strapped in it without the carseat, and it’s a whole new world for you. Your favorite pastime is cheesing it up for every single stranger that passes. Which means it takes twice as long to go anywhere, because they all need to stop and discuss your existence. And 99% of them think you’re a girl. I’ll save that tidbit for future middle school embarrassment.IMG_3666 2
  3. Scratch that comment above about your favorite pastime. It’s actually eating your socks. They stay on for .0023 seconds before you whip them off and chew on them. You’re a master at sock removal. Dad has a much bigger problem with this than Momma. A couple weeks ago, Daddy said, “Don’t eat your sock, that’s like hazing.” We’re learning more about Daddy’s college days.
  4. You’ve decided to become unpredictable with your sleeping habits once again, and it seems to be associated with teething. How many more teeth will you get? I’m hoping you’re done. Four teeth may be hillbilly-ish, but I’m willing to sacrifice looks for sleep.
  5. We have quickly learned not to give you anything that we’re not willing to let you have for the rest of your life. Because when it’s time to take it away, you lose. Your. Ish. Total meltdown. Like we’re trying to kill you. You find this reaction most useful when we’re in public. Usually at restaurants where we’ve already gotten looks for just bringing you in.IMG_9876
  6. You get super giddy when you see us. In fact, when you hear Dad open the front door in the evening, you make this weird inhale squeal sound and flap your arms and legs around. It’s overwhelmingly adorable. Although you’re officially more excited to see Daddy than Momma. Not cool.
  7. We finally tamed down that fauxhawk think you had going on. You’re welcome.IMG_3729
  8. We’re still enrolled in swim lessons. Technically. There are always better things to do on Sundays though now… Like taking a walk. Or going out for lunch. Or sitting at home watching you eat pears. Okay, we hate swim lessons. They’re too long! You enjoy it for 20 minutes, then it’s cold and you’re cranky, and we get cranky too, and it requires an hour of showering and dressing and juggling in the locker room after, and… No one is allowed to fill you in about how your parents are quitters until you’re 18 and already done with all the activities that you want to start and we refuse to let you quit mid-season.
  9. Nonna visited this month! You enjoyed yourself. Exhibit A: Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
  10. Momma and Dad struggled a little during Carnival Season this year. Luckily, you didn’t seem to notice momma having a breakdown during the snowball song on your CD in the car last week… #hormones

    You will never escape your birthplace. Get used to costuming, Pook.
  11. You are a champ at getting shots. The last time we went to the doctor you got one in each rolly thigh. You whined a little after the second, but didn’t even notice the first one. Likely a result of my skillful “itsy bitsy spider” performance. Could also be the sheer mass of your thighs.
  12. You’re SO much more fun as time passes. I mean, we loved you and all from the get-go, but you were kind of just a lump. Now you have this funny personality and are almost like an actual person. We’ll keep you around, I guess.



Don’t let this face fool you. That pitiful, single tear was shed because I forced him to let me wipe the masses of peaches off his face after lunch.



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