9 Month Pook: An Update from Charlie


Hi friends,

I have so much to tell you about. Life is getting interesting, and the world is my oyster. Let’s begin.

  1. I’ve decided I prefer to eat mangos and peaches. Only mangos and peaches. Forever. You can give me other things if you camouflage it. In mangos and peaches.
  2. Scratch that. I hate mangos and peaches. I prefer only bread dipped in hummus, black beans, and avocado. That’s all. Nothing else, please, or I’ll cry.
  3. Wait wait wait, I’ve changed my mind…
  4. Due to some serious biting incidents (whoops) and an adults-only trip coming up in May (wait, what?) Mom thinks she’s going to start trying to sneak a little formula in here and there. Hahaha. Nice try, Momma. My eloquently refined tastebuds are capable of detecting formula in breastmilk at a ratio of 1:24. That’s right. 1/4 ounce of formula in 6 ounces breastmilk. Mic drop.
  5. One of my favorite hobbies now is freaking the ef out when Momma hands me to another human. Ah yes. I’ve got her right where I want her.
  6. Unfortunately, I still can’t say Momma, to make her feel extra guilty when she leaves me. I can, however, say Dadda. I don’t limit this word for just when I see Daddy, either. I like to say it when I’m in the car, when I’m getting a diapie change, and when Mom and I are hanging out at 2AM.
  7. I’m also this* close to saying “cat” when I see one. I’m not sure what it says about me that I’ll likely say cat before momma.
  8. Omg, there are 4 teeth that have been trying to bust through on top for days. Nay, weeks, maybe? It feels like weeks. I’ll continue to let Mom know about said teeth at all hours of the night.
  9. When in doubt about an object, scratch it. Apart from trying to consume the object, I’ve found this is the best method for determining whether it’s worth playing with. It need not be a hard scratch. Just a casual flick of the wrist.
  10. I’ve got mad mobility skills. Using my arms, I can push myself up to spin in circles and go backward at high speeds! Only occasionally does this result in me stuck under the couch. I’m not sure what these fat appendages are on my lower body, so I usually just let those drag behind me.
  11. A couple weeks ago, Momma clapped after I splashed a bunch in the tub. Thus, I now splash like a wild man, taking small breaks from time-to-time to check on Mom’s reaction. Gotta give the people what they want.
  12. As it turns out, there’s such a thing as sunny, warm days with no humidity. It’s glorious, mostly because I’m allowed to go sock-free. Not that I ever left my socks on anyway.
  13. My Nanny & Papa visited a couple weeks ago! I shocked them with my massiveness. Muscles, I mean. Obvi. Papa has some sort of animal growing on his face, and it’s fascinating.vsco-photo-3-1vsco-photo-1-1vsco-photo-2-1
  14. I like to hike now that the weather is nice. It’s so much easier than I expected hiking to be. Sometimes I even fall asleep during my hikes.
  15. I smile at just about everyone, but that’s nothing new. Strangers often tell my momma that she’s “in trouble”. I can’t imagine what that means.
  16. Next week I’m going back to the Motherland (New Orleans). I’m planning to bring my seersucker, straw hat, short-shorts A game. My short-shorts will almost certainly not be as short as Dad’s Chubbies.

Until next time…




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