12. Month. Pook. A Letter to Charlie


Dear Charlie,

A year. A. Year. AN. EFFING. YEAR!?!?!?! How did this happen? (i.e. How did we all survive?) I’m feeling all the nostalgia right now, but I don’t miss your newborn days. It was a whole different, awesome experience, but our current sitch is way more exciting.

  1. You’ve taken up a particular interest in undoing anything I’ve done. Me: Fold the clothes. You: Unfold the clothes, chew on them them, and scatter them willy nilly throughout the apartment. Me: Put away the books. You: Furiously disperse the books and destroy them as quickly as possible.
  2. Your fondness for laundry doesn’t stop at unfolding it. Most days I find you in the laundry. Basket, that is. I’ve witnessed the entrance, and it’s not pretty. A couple weekends ago you got stuck face-down in the clothes, and Daddy had to come tip you back upright. We have so many stories to share with your future girlfriend. (Or boyfriend. Who knows?) You’re also fascinated with the frontloading washer and dryer. We’ve been known to sit in front of them for 10-15 min increments watching them spin. Whatever provides entertainment, man. Quiet. Calm. Nondestructive entertainment.
  3. You picked up waving this month. Unfortunately, it’s not actually at other people, but at yourself. #vain
  4. Your current food faves are yogurt, hummus (still), and anything with pesto on it. You also finally like pancakes. Yea, you didn’t like them for a while there (cough-weirdo-cough). If you didn’t look like dad and have my exact face shape, I would have been legit concerned that you weren’t my child.
  5. On that note, mealtime is a shitshow. Exhibit A:
  6. Drinking ice water from my glass is totes fun for you. Pretty sure you’ve been backwashing though.
  7. There’s a small part of me that’s afraid CPS will come for you if I don’t start making you wear a helmet. You bang your head all the time. All. The. Time. We anticipated that you’d be a gifted Pook, but things aren’t looking so hot now…
  8. Any movable object is adequate for use as a walker. Dining room chairs are often found in the hallway, barstools live in the dining room, and laundry baskets make extensive trips around the apartment.
  9. We took you to the beach for the first time on the 4th of July. We were 110% sure you’d be pumped to see the ocean. Turns out the ocean is supes scary. And sand is basically lava. Luckily, it was a pleasant temperature with a nice breeze, ’cause you clung to me like a baby monkey all day.

    What Watch Hill Beach looks like:watchhillbeachHow you remember Watch Hill Beach:sharkwave

  10. Nonna & Nanny came into town for your birthday party this weekend. We hit up Food Truck Fest on the river, pet critters at Flamig Farm, lunched and explored Old Wethersfield, ate lots of pickles, had a picnic in the park… #adventurePook Here are a few pictures from our wild weekend.


  11. You started a band this weekend. You may need some practice before you hit the road.
  12. You’re walking! Sort of. You’ve taken up to 3 consecutive steps before you realize it, then you quickly sit down and crawl to your destination. I think you’re in denial.
  13. In other news, I’m considering purchasing this. And I’m only about 40% joking.
    Kid harness. Awesome.
    1. 3-pack? Yes, please. 2. Why does the name “Mommy’s Helper” piss me off?




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