1 year, 1 month Pook: An Update from Charlie

Hi Friends,

Ahh, summer. There’s nothing like a fresh, frigid wind through my hair in the midst of winter, but I think I may be a true summer Pook. I love a little grass between my toes. And fingers. And teeth. Here’s a bit about what I’ve been up to since my big birthday bash

  1. I modeled for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s annual gala advertisement, so I’m basically famous now. NBD. I can’t tell you what I wished for when I rubbed the lamp, because it won’t come true (…but everyone knows you wish for more wishes. Duh.).
  2. Have you guys heard of peek-a-boo? It’s the hottest game right now. I could play it for hours. And hours.
  3. I’ve gotten good at cranking up the sweetness when I’m feeling particularly generous. I lean in all the time for kisses, unprompted, and love giving big hugs. To mom and dad occasionally, but mostly to hippo.
  4. Black olives, pickles, lemons, bites of Mom & Dad’s sandwiches. These are a few of my favorite things.
  5. Speaking of the matriarch of the Arvin abode, I’ve finally given in to saying her name. Well, sometimes. Usually, it’s “Mmmmmaaaaa”. But whatevs. She knows what I mean. I also say things on command now, which is NBD, but the ‘rents think it’s fabulous. By “things”, I mean “dada”. And “baba”. Which has a secret meaning that I’m not disclosing to anyone. I’m also known to say “bye bye” and wave my whole arm.
  6. My BFFAEAE, Reid, from daycare, taught me to say “uh oh” when I drop things on the floor from my highchair. I make it a point to hurl 90% of my food to the floor in order to use this phrase.
  7. I took the big city by storm a couple weeks ago. It was legendary. Also my Auntie Anne came to see me in action. I’m kind of a fan of hers.
  8. Bathtime still rocks my socks off, but I particularly enjoy turning the water off seventeen times while mom is trying to fill the tub, then throwing all my bath toys out on to the floor after filling them with water.
  9. I’ve become the ultimate velcro baby with Mom. Like white on rice, baby. Now when I even catch a glimpse of the babysitter, I scream bloody murder. Naturally, 5 min after Mom’s departure, I’m happily playing and snacking. It’s all about the guilt-trip, people.
  10. Additionally, just to make people think I have an absent father, I pretend I want nothing to do with him when new people come over. I make sure not to tell them he’s the only person I’ll allow to put me to bed at night.
  11. In an effort to keep everyone on their toes, occasionally I party all night now, just like the good old days. I wouldn’t want Mom thinking she wants another newborn around these parts.
  12. Now that I made the mistake of showing Mom that I could put clothes from the washer into the drier, she makes me do all the laundry. Pssh. What’s next? Making me change my own diapie? Sick.
  13. Moose has turned into an a-hole. I thought we were BFFs, but then he bit my hand the other day. There wasn’t any blood, but I’m pretty sure it almost fell off. Turns out he doesn’t like his tail pulled. Drama queen.
  14. My imitation skills are profound. Dad yawned the other day, and I did too. Well, I opened my mouth really wide and breathed air out really hard. Now these people are always trying to get me to yawn. What am I, some dancing monkey?
  15. I often bobble around the apartment clapping my cymbals together. Not sure why Mom & Dad think this is so novel…cymbal-monkey
  16. I’ve turned over a new leaf when it comes to running errands. I used to sit idly by while Mom got groceries, but since I prefer to walk 150% of the time now (and thus have access to all inappropriate items on store shelves) I put an end to that. I graciously provide 5 minutes of peace during shopping trips before unleashing the rage of a wild, rabid animal. It used to be fun getting the “Aww”s and “Oh he (or she) is so cute!”, but it’s more fun getting horrified stares from passersby.

Until next time…


P.S. Here are 13243587 pictures. Because Mom’s obsessed with me.


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