1 year, 3 month Pook – A Letter to Charlie

Dear Charlie,

I’m transitioning to quarterly updates now, rather than monthly. Primarily because I spend the majority of my time chasing you and preventing your demise. A LOT of general life stuff has happened in the past couple months. A lot. But as for you, here’s what you’ve been getting into:

  1. You’re a dancing king. A beat on the drum or the first notes of one of the Putumayo Kids songs, and you’re bouncing and swaying and clapping your hands.
  2. Sleep-ful nights are a thing of the past. I’m certain you’ll be waking me up from 2-4AM every single night until you’re 25. In completely related news, I’ve found an excellent under eye concealer.
  3. You’re running. Full speed. All. The. Time.
  4. We introduced you to sidewalk chalk. In the first 10 min, you took bites of it 4 times. You used it to write on the sidewalk 0 times.
  5. You still appreciate a good floor Cheerio, although your real passion lies in cheese.
  6. Stairs are a huge hit. One would think going up and down and up and down (and up and down and up and down) would get old, but nope.
  7. We’ve been doing a little crayon work. I wouldn’t call it “coloring” so much, but rather “spreading the crayon over as many surfaces as quickly as possible”. We bought the washable ones, because duh, and in a larger size to make it easier for your sausage fingers to handle them. We might move on to markers when you’re 16.
  8. You can say Momma. You’ve been able to say Momma. It’s just that the only time you say it is when you’re whining or crying. Real cute.
  9. You also say “dah” for dog, and “eeeeeese” for cheese. Didn’t I mention your cheese affinity?
  10. One of your molars is in, and the other 3 are coming in at the same time. It’s like a cruel, sick joke. For all of us.
  11. Public meltdowns continue to be your choice method of expression, however we’ve discovered your affinity for gnawing on a whole apple, and it’s essentially saved my sanity a hundred times over. I look like that carefree mom who doesn’t take a diaper bag to the grocery store now. Because all I need is an apple from the produce department, and I’ve bought myself 25 min. Heyoooooo
  12. Nonna & Pop visited last weekend! We had the best time, but as always, it made us even sadder that we don’t live closer.
  13. Pumped doesn’t even begin to describe your excitement when we brought our new dog home for the first time. Since Kermit arrived, you’ve become an avid ball-chasing spectator. Even Little Baby Bum on Netflix isn’t enthralling enough to keep you still as long as watching Kerm run around the yard. [Update: Your high level of Kermit love quickly wore him down into an anxious mess. I’m not even joking. After just a week with us, he had to go back to his foster home. We were pretty devastated. He was a fantastic dog, but couldn’t handle the stress of living with a toddler. I have no idea why…]
  14. Sometimes we wonder if we’re raising a wild animal. You constantly run and climb and try to get to all dangerous and/or breakable objects. Then when we take said objects away (or stop you from sprinting into traffic) you have tantrums worse than Veruka Salt. Who. Are. You?
  15. Just when I’m thinking of trading you in for something more tame, like a honey badger, you run towards me blowing kisses. I’m such a sucker.
  16. Apparently you’re a true delight at daycare, which we’ve just increased from 3 days/week to 4 (Do I hear angels singing?). Dad and I talk about how funny it is that we felt guilty for sending you to daycare initially. Now we can barely drag you out of there at the end of the day.
  17. Halloween is coming up, and you can bet we’re dragging you out in costume to get some candy. We already invested in a Yoda costume for marching with the Leijorettes in February, but Halloween will be another animal entirely. Not literally an animal though.Love,
    MommaP.S. We got family pictures, and you acted like a lunatic. By some miracle, the photographer was able to get some great pictures. And now, an excessive montage:



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