1 year, 6 month Pook: An Update from Charlie

Greetings, friends,

It’s winter in CT now. This is the start of the family’s annual deep dark depression saddled with multiple attempts to escape to better climates. Good thing I’m here to entertain everyone. Here’s what’s been going on the past 3 months:

  1. In case you didn’t see it on my mom’s social media (eye-roll), I’m a snow Pook now. I have snow pants, some sweet boots, and about 75 different hats, which makes me a professional. I also usually wear gloves, so don’t go calling CPS.
  2. I can make lots of animal noises now (“woof”, “hiss”, “ooh ooh” for monkeys, and “roar” for lions, which is just a hard exhale when your mouth is open wide). My vocabulary is expanding too. “Dog”, “ball”, “Nonna”, “Pah” (Pop). Ya know. All the essentials. I know lots of words. I have the best words. But I still mostly just like to talk about cheese.
  3. 1 word. Firetrucks. O. M. G. The lights. The sirens. Need I say more? I got a couple small ones for Christmas to practice with, but since my daycare is next to a fire department, I’ll probably be driving a real one soon. NBD.
  4. My diet has taken a dramatic turn towards yogurt. Sure, I try lots of other things now, like pizza, sammies, and avo toast (#hipsterPook), but why eat anything else when there’s whole milk vanilla Greek yogurt? Mom smashes fruit and Muesli in there to get other food groups in. Whatev.IMG_8051
  5. Speaking of food, I’m also interested in anything the rents are eating. They think they’re being sneaky, munching on snacks in the other room, or turning their backs to me to grab a bite, but I know what’s up. I shout “Mmmmmm!” to let them know they have to share.
  6. We moved into a new house that hadn’t been cleaned in 40 years and has really gross bathrooms. Mom is slowly losing her mind. That’s all I have to say about that.
  7. I don’t say “yes”. Instead, I nod firmly and yell “Da!”. I’m not saying I’m a Russian spy. But I’m not saying I’m not.
  8. I’m generous with “buh bye”s and blowing kisses when it comes to friends, teachers, and even strangers. I especially like to leave a lasting impression with my daycare peeps. Of course, when it’s time to get in my carseat, I make a scene that’s straight out of Children of the Corn.
  9. Animals are my best friends. I know it. They know it. I hug them all without discrimination, and pet them gently, like I’m supposed to. Until they try to leave, and I hang onto them for dear life.
  10. For Thanksgiving, I went to Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Tom’s house in Red Wing. It was a great trip apart from the fact that I had croup and was supes grumpy. The cousins are a pretty fun bunch, and Grandma taught me how to turn the Christmas lights on and off. Huge discovery.
  11. I’ve become a big fan of teeth-brushing. I’m pretty good at it. But I won’t hesitate to lose my ish when Mom tries to help me.
  12. Everyone is in awe of my building skills. 9 blocks. 10 blocks. I’ll probably build houses on the side when I’m older (on top of running an animal shelter, driving a firetruck, and making my own cheese).
  13. We went over the river and through the woods to Nonna & Pop’s house for Christmas last month. I got to hang out with the family, which was a fun time. I was showered with gifts, obvi. Mom & Dad got crafty and drove through the night down there, but we hit a snow storm on the way back and we got to stay in a hotel. I was super pumped, and stayed up partying until about 1AM to thoroughly enjoy the Hampton Inn.


  14. I moved up to the T2 class at daycare, which basically means I’m a grown-up. This also means there’s only one more level before preschool. Cue mom’s sobs (also shouts of joy, since daycare is as expensive as college tuition, and preschool is free – heyoooo).
  15. I started music classes again this month. I put on my best “shy” front for the first 5 minutes, then I couldn’t take it anymore. I let loose with my arm-swinging, foot-stomping, and fast clapping – impressing the masses, no doubt.
  16. I’ve decided to stop whining as much these days, and instead, I’m mostly a fun and joyous Pook. On a completely and totally unrelated note, I also have all my teeth now, and I’ve been sleeping through the night the past few weeks. Mom says this is her favorite age so far, but I can’t imagine why.

Until next time…




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