1 Year, 9 Month Pook – A Letter to Charlie

Dear Charlie,

The thing with these quarterly updates is my memory is only sufficient for a 5-day span. Meaning on the 6th day, the memories from the day 1 are eliminated and lost, probably forever. This is my life now. Thus, I have a hard time keeping track of all your momentous toddler developments. Here’s what I could wring out from my decrepit, failing brain:

  1. As of a couple months ago, you point out and say letters randomly while we read books, which is all the evidence I need. #prodigy
  2. You still sleep at night! 6:30P-6:30A, baby. Well, 7:30P-7:30A since daylight savings. I’m making a point to include this, because I suspect this could change. I’ve been spoiled with >4 hours of sleep for far too long, and have become way more human-like than motherhood is supposed to allow. (Edit: Baby #2 is about to bust up this harmony of sleep in a few short months. Parenthood always achieves homeostasis.)
  3. It was all stranger danger before, but now store clerks and passersby are honored with greetings – “hi” – and farewells – “buh bye” (kiss blown). I shall remember these days of sweetness when you become an unrecognizable creature in your teenage years.
  4. The Pookie Wookie made his first real parade appearance with the Leijorettes in Chewbacchus this Carnival Season. Yep, we took another trip down to your homeland, and naturally, it (and our New Orleans family) knocked our socks off.
  5. You’re learning more and more words every day, but only use them when you feel like it. Your preferred method of communication is whining.
  6. You are obsessed with Daddy. OB-SESSED. I’m happy (nay – ecstatic) to hand the reigns of clinginess over, but dealing with Daddy separation anxiety for the first 15 minutes after every sighting is not a treat. I think Daddy is loving his limelight. Edit: Daddy now feels the pain and trauma that is being the sole obsession of a toddler. God speed, Will.
  7. On that note, Daddy is no longer allowed to eat cereal without sharing. You could have an exquisite breakfast lain before you (okay, it’s usually cereal, not exquisite), but you must have Daddy’s. Failing to comply results in toddler wrath.
  8. Similar to a dog from the “working class”, you act less like a wild animal when given a job. Throwing things away, buckling your carseat, cleaning up spilled food with a towel, and unloading the dishwasher are all activities we use to keep you busy. A busy Pook is a less destructive Pook.
  9. You’ve learned to say “I love you”! See that puddle over there? It’s my heart. Well, okay, it doesn’t really sound like “I love you” yet. More, “ILOUGHEHH” shouted all at once in a huge exhale.
  10. Morning commutes are primarily a time for bus sightings, and for shouting “BUUUUUUUUUS!” and clapping wildly each time one goes by.
  11. Much like the miraculous long-distance communication ability between whales, a siren 3 towns over can grab your attention and send you sprinting to the front window in hopes of spotting a firetruck.
  12. Nonna & “Bop” came Easter weekend, so obviously you got no attention. You’re a natural hunter of Easter eggs.
  13. It’s spring. Dear sweet baby Jesus, it’s spring. Pook energy level 10000 can now be unleashed in the freedom of the outdoors.
  14. “Mine”. The most miserable word in the English language.
  15. You had your first dentist appointment a few weeks ago, which is the most ridiculous activity for a 19-month-old that ever existed. The hygienist and dentist each got the chance to brush your teeth before you attempted to destroy their office, so I guess that’s a success. We’re going to call this a rookie mistake and not take you again until you’re like, 3.


P.S. Here are a few more gems, because we never have enough pictures.


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