2 Year Pook: An Update From Charlie

Well well well. We meet again, friends.

I’m 2 now (almost) – basically an adult, but with zero responsibilities.

  • I can say a lot of words. The ‘rents have to translate for others sometimes, but I can’t help it if people don’t understand perfect English.
  • Boop = Boat. It can also mean “poop”. It’s important to distinguish the difference, because a “boat” in the living room is an entirely different situation from “poop” in the living room.
  • We found out a couple months ago that my new accomplice will be a girl. She may have difficulty understanding my position as center of the universe, but we can work on that. I look forward to showing her the joys of bubble mowing and bus spotting.
  • I’m a passionate Pook these days. I’m known to dole out many a hug and kiss to the ‘rents and my best pals. Also to alpacas, chickens, and the cats, which sometimes goes over well.
  • As always, my friendliness abounds. I particularly enjoy shouting “HI!” loudly to any passersby while sitting on the porch. I also do this while running errands, but if anyone approaches me with a “hi” first, I assume they’re child abductors and retreat.
  • My class at school performed an interpretation of “Teddy Bear Teddy Bear” recently. I killed the performance, naturally, and even threw in a spontaneous “woah” with finger-pointing when an airplane flew overhead in the middle of the song.
  • I’m kicking you-know-what at my ABCs and numbers. #prodigy Although W isn’t worth trying to pronounce, and I always skip the number one.
  • To balance the previous statement, I also continue to eat crayons from time-to-time, despite discouraging words from the ‘rents.
  • My environments of choice are farms, parks, and other wide open spaces where I can view the sights while running full speed and occasionally throwing my body on the ground.
  • I’m a Beach Pook now. We took a weekend trip to Provincetown with friends, and I had the time. Of. My. Life. Between playing in the sand and running with the other boys (they’re a few years older than me, but as you know, I’m pretty mature…), it was an epic weekend. Plus, I ate ice cream like, 5 times. #pregnantmombenefits
  • My newest hobby is baking with momma. I like to sit on the stool and grab for things that are out of reach so she has to save my life 25 times amidst the baking process. I also enjoy throwing spoons/measuring cups/etc. into the mixer while it’s on. I’m allowed to lick the beater sometimes at the end, so much like Pavlov’s dogs, I’ve developed a habit of slightly drooling and smacking my lips while I watch things come together.
  • Grandma Cindy came to visit last month, and we had the best. Time. Ever. She made Mom & Dad go to NYC one night while she was here. Pssh, suckers. Adjusting to regular life again after her departure, deprived of attention, was difficult for everyone.IMG_0495
  • In addition to Beach Pook, I’m also a Summer Pook. Brightly colored plastic has filled the backyard, and I do a lot of watermelon- and popsicle-eating. I also help Dad grill, but from afar, because #”HOT!”. Much to my momma’s delight, I’ve learned to close the door behind me, so most of my days are spent going in and out. And in. And out. (repeat 34635 times)

Until next time.


P.S. Here are a few more, because my mom can’t handle herself.



One thought on “2 Year Pook: An Update From Charlie

  1. Enjoyed reading about Pook’s adventures (also enjoyed your entertaining writing–you could write professionally!) He has a charmed life.


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