Baby Girl Arvin’s Digs

The guests have officially been kicked to the 3rd floor bedroom now that baby #2 is en route. Since we were only in this house a couple months before finding out about the pending arrival, we hadn’t even touched the room apart from shoving a bed in there. It wasn’t pretty. Like much of the house, the trim was taupe. Taupe. Also like ALL of the house, only one coat of paint had been applied to the walls, ceiling, and trim. So not only did we have a great color scheme going on, but we could vaguely see the previous color scheme as well. Yay. But why explain, when I can just show you?


Yea. After a little lot of paint* for the trim, walls, and ceiling (vomit), things were looking up. Shout out to my mom for her master-caulking job, too. Caulk is the best friend of any old-home owner. We thrifted, IKEA-d, and pulled a few things from storage to furnish this pad. Below are the details of where we got everything, for anyone interested.

*For the record, I used a no VOC paint, and had a fan going with the windows open. Move along, preggo-lady haters.


IMG_4132The chair, side table, and foot stool were thrifted for a total of about $30. Can you hear me patting my own back right now? The stand/planter is from TJ Maxx, the hanging planter is IKEA, and we got the World Market rug on sale a couple years ago. Agh, they have the best rugs. IKEA fans may recognize the Tarva dresser/changing table (a gift from my grandmother), which looks better after dressing it up in green paint with gold drawer pulls. And the little hanging shelf is a DIY project. Not too shabby for costing less than $15, although it was a huge pain to make sure the whole thing was level. The blocks are a DIY from before Charlie was born, and the pottery pieces are my own. The funky pug is proof that even this child won’t be able to escape the effects of Kirb & Juj on our fam.

IMG_4110Will’s mom bought the IKEA crib as a baby gift. For anyone hunting for a crib though, you seriously can’t beat the $80 price tag. The under-crib basket as well as the leather storage basket were FREEĀ from someone in town who just wanted to unload them. Rejoice!

The cow photo was a purchase from Etsy – you can buy digital files for under $10 a lot of times. I had it printed at Staples, then attached some stained trim pieces and twine for hanging. We snagged the nifty lamp from PB Teen during some crazy sale, the marionette on the shelf is a souvenir I bought in Prague years ago, and the green throw was crocheted by my mom for Charlie back in the day. Quite a hodge podge we’ve got going on here.

So there you have it. As soon as this baby is fully baked, we’re ready for her!



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