Family Vacation 2018

Week-long beach vacays were the standard in my family growing up, except we had to drive 13 hours from Indiana to get there. Newburyport, Mass is just a 2.5 hr drive from our house (insert rejoice of toddler-parent here). My parents flew in, and we packed up the car from floorboard to ceiling with all the crap that you need for a week at the beach with a 2-year-old. This is everything in the house, in case you were wondering.

We rented a house half a block off a quiet beach, which came complete with crib, tiny table and chairs, beach wagon, kid size dishes, and 2495743987 age appropriate toys. Basically my dream come true. I never would have thought any dream of mine would involve Matchbox cars and blocks, but this is my life post-children.

Charlie is finally at an age where he plays independently most of the time, is totally entertaining to watch and listen to, and is primarily thoughtful and sweet in his interactions. I haven’t blinked in a month, lest I miss this blip in time. The reasonably human Pook + sunny 80 degree days + presence of Nonna & Bop ensured beach trip 2018 was pretty badass.

Shockingly, we took 2.3 billion pictures during the week. Here are a few:

It took all of about 8 hours into this trip to decide to do it again next year. And with an additional human in tow!

Sigh… farewell, vacay 2018.


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