Prepping for you, #2

Dear ___________,

(Not sharing your name until you arrive, because people be judgy.)

Just a few short weeks until you make your debut. Big Brother Pook has had the limelight for a 2 full years, and you’re about to rock his world. We’re anticipating that he will mature very quickly into a responsible older brother, and you will be a calm, quiet angel-child. Allow me to bask here in my denial, please.

I haven’t been quite as good about documenting my pregnancy with you, but thanks to smart phones and selfies, there’s sufficient evidence that it’s happening. Also, I’ll have it be known that I put just as much energy into your nursery as I did Charlie’s. Second-child stereotypes, be damned. More on that here.

Here’s how you’ve been growing. (For the record, you were pretty visible 8 weeks into this situation. There was lots of camouflaging that first few weeks…)

See you soon!

Love, Momma


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