2 Year, 2 Month Pook – A Letter to Charlie

Dear Charlie,

This is a bit earlier of an update than the quarterly set-up we’ve had going, but considering the pending arrival of baby, I’m getting this show on the road. Let’s consider this your last PB (pre-baby) post. Yikes.

  1. Your growing skills in manipulation, while frustrating, are mostly just impressive. The saying, “give an inch and they’ll take a mile” has never had more meaning. Except it’s more like, “allow you to walk several feet ahead of us for 5 blocks and on the 6th block you’ll dart into the street at full speed”.
  2. Darting full speed is, in fact, one of your favorite activities. It might be around the house, but more than likely it’s in the opposite direction of my giant, 9-months-pregnant, waddling body when we’re in a public setting. You laugh hysterically during and following the chase. Similar to the Joker or other like psychopath.
  3. You continue to expand your vocabulary, which means you repeat back the second half of every sentence we say to you. You also repeat every exclamation, which is dangerous territory… especially in the presence of road rage. Some of your most recent exclamations include, “Shoot!” “Ohmagaaaaaah” “Goooo!” “Wha you doiiiiing?!” and my favorite: “UGGGHHH!”
  4. You’re pretty much an ABC pro now (and this* close to singing them in order by yourself), and you can almost count to 20. Apparently. Truth be told, we didn’t teach you past 10, but you can go beyond that. Thanks, Elmo? #whatscreentime?
  5. Most of the time you’re a cheerful little dude. You get excited about nearly everything, say “Pease” and “Tay too” (thank you), and are always grinning and laughing. Until you’re not. Then you become an irrational banshee. But toddlers be toddlers.
  6. Cause and effect are something you’ve gotten a better grasp of the past couple months. Which helps, because I can warn you, “If you dump out your cup on the floor, I will take it away,” for example. I say this exact phrase 724 times a day.
  7. You’ve always loved to observe older kids, but now you’re trying to get in there and do what they do. Cute at 2 years. Maybe not so cute at 12. But by that time I will have put you in a bubble, so we should be good.
  8.  Your fascination with trucks/buses/excavators/lawn mowers has not lessened. I’d pay big money for a garbage truck to sit in front of our house lifting the trash cans up and down for 2 hours. Big. Money.
  9. You’ve got the timing of asking for hugs down to a science. Throw a huge fit, then ask for hug. Wait until we’re finally leaving the room after the bedtime routine, then ask for hug. Destroy half the house, then ask for hug. Did I mention you’re a master manipulator?
  10. Kissing is another area where you’ve really upped your game. Spontaneous kisses for Mom & Dad are pretty common, but also for stuffed animals. And random farm animals, like unsuspecting goats who stick their heads out looking for snacks. IMG_2694
  11. This has been the case for quite a while, but every time the phone rings, you shout, “Nonna!”. I have no idea why you assume it’s her…
  12. We decided against potty training before the arrival of baby #2 after we tried it out a couple months ago and you peed on the floor 143 times in a 20 min span (or something like that). Now you’re really interested though, and whipping off your diap is a frequent occurrence. We’re stocking up on Lysol.
  13. Your first “soccer game” was last week. That’s right. Soccer at 2 years old. Total. Shitshow. We anticipated chaos, and that’s pretty much what we got. One of your BFFs, James (well, you think he’s your BFF, but he’s 9 years your senior), showed you how to kick a soccer ball around during our Fat Orange Cat visit following practice. We’re hoping this will lead to you actually… ya know… kick the soccer ball around.
  14. Baby sister is due. Like, any day now. You’ve taken notice of the giant bulge in my stomach, and often pat it while singing, “beebeeeeeeeee”. Apart from the fact that “beebee” has a room across the hall from yours, I suspect that’s about all you’ve figured out regarding what’s to come. Ohhh is your world about to be rocked.

Until next time.



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