9 Month Pook: An Update from Charlie

Hi friends, I have so much to tell you about. Life is getting interesting, and the world is my oyster. Let's begin. I've decided I prefer to eat mangos and peaches. Only mangos and peaches. Forever. You can give me other things if you camouflage it. In mangos and peaches. Scratch that. I hate mangos and … Continue reading 9 Month Pook: An Update from Charlie


Meal Monday… Okay, Snack Monday.

Due to a bout of Carnival Season depression, increase in blogging/recipe testing/photography for work (yay!), and general life activities, Meal Monday has been tossed to the curb for a while. And probably run over a few times. I may hop back on it soon, but for now I wanted to share this quick and easy … Continue reading Meal Monday… Okay, Snack Monday.